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Our Mission

The CVMS mission is to provide a Montessori learning environment which allows a child to explore individual styles of learning, encourage the joy of learning, support the child’s growth in all areas including academic, spiritual, imagination, and social.  It strives to do the above while remaining a small yet respected educational facility.

In addition, the mission includes encouraging respect for cultural, religious, racial, spiritual, and economic diversity and to establish a supportive relationship with parents which will strengthen the school and contribute to each child’s development.

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What is Montessori ?

There are six fundamental characteristics of a Montessori education:

  • An environment (classroom) filled with beautiful educational materials which stimulate learning.
  • Children are encouraged to work independently. They are often heard saying, “I would rather do it myself.”
  • Teachers act as guides presenting lessons and quietly staying by to assist if necessary.
  • Dr. Montessori designed her famous didactic materials to stimulate a child’s desire to learn.
  • Children are encouraged to care for and respect others and the environment.
  • A proven approach to learning that demonstrates success regardless of perceived, limited intellectual capabilities labeled on certain children.

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