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In 1995 Dorothy Moffett decided to buy a plot of land in a west Little Rock neighborhood with the dream of opening a Montessori school.  Mrs. Moffett became fascinated by the strides Dr. Montessori made during her lifetime.  As a teacher herself, Mrs. Moffett could immediately see the beauty in children working hands-on while learning to respect each other and the environment, and being in control of that environment. She then made it her mission to become a certified Montessori teacher, and so she left for Memphis, TN., to earn her credentials. There were some obstacles she faced trying to convince certain neighbors that the school would blend in well with their community.  With only two enrolled students, Chenal Montessori School became a reality in 1996. "To the stars through difficulty" is a phrase that certainly every new business owner can relate to, as well as the challenge of finding individuals truly trustworthy and team-oriented. All the hard effort has paid off, and today the Chenal Valley Montessori School has flourished with a faculty and staff on board who reflect true integrity. The last few years have been the best for Chenal Valley Montessori, with opening of the new location on Cantrell due to growing enrollment.  With the belief that a well-rounded education not only includes learning the content areas through all the senses, keyboarding, art, dance, and symphony instruction are offered as well to our students to provide entertainment and mind development

On a final note, Chenal Valley Montessori has full membership with the American Montessori Society; the mainstay of the Montessori movement in the United States. This component of the school has been of utmost importance to Dorothy Moffett through her years of running the school. There is a very real difference in schools that have this accreditation and those simply labeled "Montessori School" - a title any entity can take on. There are very strict guidelines and AMS accredited school must adhere to. For example, having a faculty that completed AMS teacher training and a rigorous internship is the number one requirement.  Also, the school must use authentic Montessori materials purchased by Neinhaus Montessori, the elite provider of educational materials to AMS school throughout the world. CVMS takes pride in providing these to our students and using them according to Dr. Maria Montessori's curriculum guidelines.

Keeping Dr. Maria Montessori's teaching methods to the letter remains the goal of Chenal Valley Montessori. Our mission remains to educate children regardless of learning ability. CVMS does not discriminate on the basis of of race, color, nationality, or ethic origin in the administration of admissions policies. We welcome all nationalities to apply.

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